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The cast list is rounded out by Alex Hassell as the villainous Vicious and Elena Satine as Spike’s ex Julia. And….hmm. Do you sense something missing? There is one character we thought we would be hearing something about by now. WHERE IS ED? Kids' T-Shirt

Case in point is this pointless episode. Villanous Mr. Waste (as subtlely named as his fellow cohorts Mr. Smog, Lotta Litter, Mr. Sloppy, Mr. Vandal, and Dr. Bigot, to name a few from other installents), dupes the gang into landing their flying ark on the island he presently inhabits, by mechanically producing a storm cloud that lays waste to most of the supplieson board the ark and also damages the ship’s hull. In a ploy common to scripts of the series, the villain masquerades as his polar opposite – Mr. Plenty – inviting the crew to stay awhile and partake of the bounty of good things upon the island. On their flight in, however, the crew noticed that several adjoining islands were entirely bare and barren, and galley cook Atom Ant is suspicious why. Mr. Waste encourages the gang to lounge around, wasting time, rather than repair the ship, and to use the various good things on the island – but only use them once, “as we have plenty”. He tells Magilla Gorilla to only eat the tip of every banana, as the rest of the fruit is below his dignity, and merely “a uselsess core”. Magilla is puzzled that he’s never heard this before, but goes along with this new eating technique. Eventually, Mr. Waste shows off a gigantic computerized machine which he uses to produce the good things of the island, claiming it can create virtually anything. To prove his boast, he thows the crew a luau, rolling the food to the crew on a large conveyor belt out of the machine – but with the express instruction that they must take only a small nibble from each item of foodstuffs, then let the rest of it pass or toss the item away. Short Sleeve T-Shirt

Tuca & Bertie takes advantage of animation in ways that very few animated shows today are willing to. It’s not just a world where animals talk, but where an entire lake is composed of jelly and everyone acts like that’s just a normal occurrence in nature. Sight gags and creative visuals pop off every frame, and you really, truly don’t know what to expect next. There is an episode in Season 1 where Bertie’s right boob suddenly detaches itself and walks out the door of its own will, and the hole in her chest remains for the next few scenes.

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“ABC got very upset about ‘Beanyland’ because of course, they had been running the ‘Disneyland’ television program and other Disney programs and they didn’t want to make Walt mad because there were some legal things going on where Disney was leaving ABC. ‘Oh, you can’t have a caricature of Walt Disney in there saying, ‘I’ll make this my Dismal Land’!’

Several weeks ago, I was alerted to check the Michael Maltese Papers at the University of Wyoming. Apparently there is a cache of Title and Credit Cels held there that Maltese kept from his days at Termite Terrace. Upon examination of the inventory listed on the website I called the Archive and requested scans of certain titles – cartoons that, at present, have no original 35mm film element for restoration. Here’s what I received.

ITT’s heavy-hand in decision making has been documented scantly, but was a subject this writer learned many interesting things about while briefly chatting several times with Dick Williams, who was hired after Abe Levitow died suddenly at 52 years old. Leak Navel T-Shirt

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Delightful as the Storyteller version is, it does not offer the wonderful score by George Bruns nor the vocals by Lucille Bliss and Bill Lee (though he is in the vocal ensemble). It must have been decided that 101 Dalmatians was a story film and not a musical. The fact that was so successful for so many years as a “studio” or “second cast” album supports this decision. T-SHIRT

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